Multi-Stud Tensioner

Multi-Stud Tensioning (MST) systems are capable of tensioning every single stud in a joint simultaneously.

By designing the MST in segments, the operator is able to easily and quickly connect each segment to the joint and link together to provide same time loading. This provides a very accurate and fast closure system with applications on pumps, valves, and steam-generators.

Case Study 1 (Nuclear): Inspection Port Manways
MST systems by Hydratight are the fastest and most accurate means of loosening and tightening studs on Primary, Secondary, Hand-hole and Inspection Port Manways.

Innovative designs, using special ram areas and strong lightweight materials allow for 100% coverage which can reduce bolting time by as much as 75%.

Case Study 2 (Nuclear): Speciality Tensioners
The challenge? To design a custom tensioning system for the 93A Reactor Coollant Pump which will allow the utility to tension, rather than heat, two dozen 4.5" studs to a 500,000 lbs. preload.

Hydratight's solution: The slimline tensioner. This intelligent design used six equally spaced tensioners and tightening studs in four passes to substantially increase accuracy and save time. In fact Hydratight's slimline tensioner managed to cut the time taken to perform this activity by 25% as well as addressing the Utility's ALARA goals.

Case Study 3 (Wind Energy):
Hydratight designed a multi-stud tensioner device built up in four tool segments capable of simultaneously tensioning up to 88 bolts connecting a 125 ft long blade to a bearing slew ring, or connecting the bearing to the hub.

The tools have a built-in gear drive for rapid nut run down and incorporate Hydratight's patented vacuum retract to speed up ram retraction and disassembly. The system was calibrated utilising Bolt Scope IITM Ultrasonic bolt stress measurement equipment, which confirmed the accuracy of the tensioning device.

Wind turbine blade assembly time has been reduced by some 65% while bolt load accuracy and consistency have been improved, resulting in better joint life and reduced maintenance and the time savings this brings.


Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 30% more load capacity (1500 bar/21,750psi)
  • Product Lines : Bolting ToolsTwin ports for quick connection of multiple tools
  • Large stroke capability of 15mm 
  • High bolt load capacity at max. 1500 bar (21.750 psi)
  • Mechanical over-stroke prevention, no spring return
  • Quick release bridge
  • Stroke indicator
  • Captive socket – eliminates falling object risk
  • Interchangeable adapter kits available
  • Anti-slip grip for more secure handling.
  • This tool operates at ultra-high pressure, use only the specified fittings and hoses designed for these pressures.
  • Quick, simple, hose connection