Multi-Stud Tensioner (MST)

Multi-Stud Tensioning (MST) systems from Enerpac are capable of tensioning every single stud in a joint simultaneously.

Innovative designs, using special ram areas and strong lightweight materials allow for 100% coverage which can reduce bolting time by as much as 75%.

By designing the MST in segments, the operator is able to easily and quickly connect each segment to the joint and link together to provide same time loading. This provides a very accurate and fast closure system with applications on pumps, valves, and steam-generators.



  • Up to 30% more load capacity (1500 bar/21,750psi)
  • Twin ports for quick connection of multiple tools
  • Large stroke capability of 15mm 
  • High bolt load capacity at max. 1500 bar (21.750 psi)
  • Mechanical over-stroke prevention, no spring return
  • Quick release bridge
  • Stroke indicator
  • Captive socket – eliminates falling object risk
  • Interchangeable adapter kits available
  • Anti-slip grip for more secure handling.
  • This tool operates at ultra-high pressure, use only the specified fittings and hoses designed for these pressures.
  • Quick, simple, hose connection