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We have a large selection of tools in our rental park that facilitate work with the assembly, disassembly and maintenance of flanges and bolts. For assembly work and maintenance of flanges, we offer the Enerpac Equalizer range of mechanical and hydraulic flange spreaders and flange adjustment tools. 

When it comes to subsea bolting and tensioning, it is very important that the equipment being used is easy to operate. Through our partner Enerpac Hydratight, we can offer most dimensions within subsea tensioning equipment  and bolting for rental. 

kNm Hydraulikk have developed a number of products within HSE that can be made available for rental. When using hydraulic torque wrenches, falling objects and injuries are the greatest potential dangers within the field. In our rental park, we offer equipment for various HSE needs, such as safety wrenches and equipment for bolt tightening, preventing dangers such as falling objects and crush injuries. 

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Torque & Tension Tools

kNm Hydraulikk offer the following torque and tension tools for rent:

- Hydraulic Torque Wrenches 
- Tensioners 
- Pneumatic Torque Wrenches 
- Mechanical Torque Wrenches 
- Cordless Torque Wrench 
- Gauges 


kNm Hydraulikk offer the following pumps for rental: 

- Hand Pumps
- Torque Pumps
- Tensioner Pumps 
- Foot pumps 
- Air Driven Pumps 
- Electrical Pumps
- Battery Driven Pumps
*700 bar, 1500 bar and 2800 bar pump options 
*ATEX certfied pumps available 


Flange Tools

kNm Hydraulikk offer the following flange tools for rental: 

- Equalizer flange alignment 
- Equalizer adjustment 
- Flange spreading 
- ATEX certified flange spreaders 
- Equalizer flangespreaders - mechanical and hydraulic spreading 
- Equalizer Secure Grip flange spreaders 

Equalizer tools from Enerpac use either mechanical or hydraulic force to adjust, align or spread flanges. 
* All Equalizer tools from kNm Hydraulikk come in complete sets. 

Cylinders & Jacks

kNm Hydraulikk offer the following for rental: 

- Single-Acting Cylinders 
- Double-Acting Cylinders 
- Stop-Ring Cylinders 
- Hollow Plunge Cylinders 
- Duble-Acting Hollow Plunge Cylinders 
- Low-Height Cylinders
- Ultra-Flat Cylinders 
- Steel Jacks 


Hydraulic & Mechanical Cutters

kNm Hydraulikk offer the following for rental: 

- Hydraulic Nut Splitter 
- Hydraulic Nut Cutter 
- Hydraulic Wire and Cable Cutters 
- Hydraulic Bar Cutter 
- Electric Bar Cutter 
- Elecitrc Wire and Cable Cutter
- Electric Chain Cutter 
- Electric Flat Bar Cutter 
- Hydraulic Decomissioning Cutters 


SAFETY Products

kNm Hydraulikk offer the following safety products for rental

- kNm Safety Nut 
- kNm Safety Wrench 
- Back Up Spanner 

*kNm Hydraulikk have developed several products that eliminate the danger of falling objects and crush injuries. These are considered to be the greatest dangers when using a hydraulic torque wrenches.