Aquajack® Subsea Tensioner

Hydratight’s Aquajack® subsea tensioners allow divers to perform the tensioning process with tools designed specifically for their unique requirements.

Aquajack® tensioners feature a compact design and long piston stroke. The unique Split Nut® design of these tools allows rapid application to long bolts and damaged threads, and rapid tool removal.
Bolt Range:

M16 - M90, ¾" - 3 ½"

Maximum Load Capacity:

72,4 - 2316 kN


30 mm

By tightening all the bolts on a joint simultaneously a saving of up to 80% can be achieved over alternative methods.

Hydratight's Aquajack® subsea tensioner achieves this to provide the most cost effective solution to subsea bolt or stud tightening.
  • 30mm maximum piston stroke for tools AJ2 to AJ8
  • 20mm maximum for tools AJ0 and AJ1
  • All tools incorporate visible piston stroke indicators

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Long piston stroke
  • Misalignment compensation
  • Quick, simple hose connection
  • Visible piston stroke indication
  • 'No spill' overstroke elimination
  • Quick fastening or solid reaction nut