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tentec v- series

Next generation tensioners for next generation flanges

A Range of Topside Bolt Tensioning Tools for use on standard Vector Technology Group* Compact Flanges and Norsok** L-005 Compact Flanges.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality polyurethane seals for reliable, leak free operation.
  • Powerful bolt load capacity.
  • 15mm Ram Stroke*
  • Only 11 base tools to cover bolt sizes 3/4" to 4"
  • Supplied with nut rotating sockets, no need for drilled nuts.
  • Over stroke pressure safety device.
  • Manufactured from high strength steel for long life.
  • Easy Hose assembly with Tentec Link Hose System.
  • No bonded seals are used in the V-Series range

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Consistent, Dependable and Safe.

Consistent: Using multiple bolt tensioning tools on a bolted joint gives a much improved uniform bolt load across all bolts.

Axial Bolt Load: Bolt load is applied axially to the bolt. Inconsistencies such as friction, bending and lubricant are not a factor when using bolt tensioners. No torsional stresses are involved.

Rapid: Multiple bolt tensioners offer a rapid and accurate method of tightening a bolt.

Adaptable: Conversion kits are available to convert a tensioner from one bolt size to another offering an economical and versatile solution.

Accurate: Bolt load is directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tensioner.

Standard Fasteners: Tensioners are mostly used with standard fasteners, no special or proprietary bolting components are required.

Simplified Calculations: Using the Tentec BTS-Bolt Tightening Software takes away the complexity of calculating tensioner pressures and torque values.

V-Series Tensioners

The SPO Compact Flange has been used across the globe since 1989, offshore, onshore and subsea, offering significant weight and space savings over conventional flanges, leak-free joint integrity and therefore is the most effective environmentally friendly piping joint available today.

The preferred method of tightening the SPO compact flange bolts is with the use of bolt tensioning tools. Due to the compact size and relatively high bolt load requirements of the flanges, most conventional bolt tensioners either do not physically fit onto the flanges or do not have enough bolt load capacity.

The V-Series tensioners are a purpose designed range of tools designed specifically for use on SPO Compact flanges. The range consists of 11 powerful bolt tensioning tools covering bolt sizes from 3/4" to 4"

Versatile Range

During the engineering development of the V-Series tensioners, over 300 different configurations of standard SPO compact flanges were 3D modelled using the latest 3D solid model CAD software.

The V-Series range of tensioners have been designed for use on the following flange classes. Starting from 3/4" bolt diameter.

150 Lbs 300 Lbs
600 Lbs
900 Lbs
1500 Lbs
2500 Lbs
7500 Lbs
5000 psi
10000 psi
15000 psi

Bolt Load

The bolt load offered by the V-Series bolt tensioning tools offers exactly the bolt load specified by Vector International to guarantee a leak free bolted joint. A minimum of 1 x Thread diameter of stud protrusion is required.