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Tentec Force 10 strekkeverktøy

A General Purpose Range of Bolt Tensioning Tools Featuring Spring Return Rams

  • Suitable for use on over 500 Standard Bolted Flanges
  • Spring Return Rams
  • Reliable, Safe and Durable Tools.
  • Enhanced Safety Features


The compact nature and enhanced bolt load capacity of the FORCE10 tensioners means they are ideally suited to many non standard bolted joints. Contact Tentec if you need advise to determine suitability on your non standard bolted joints.

Spring Return

FORCE10 tensioners from models F10-04 to F10-10 feature heavy duty integrated springs that assist in resetting the tensioners in between pressure cycles. This greatly speeds up the tensioning operation and reduces the physical effort needed by the user.

Seal Technology

Over the years Tentec has developed a class lead- ing high pressure seal technology. This mature seal technology is industry proven and offers many 1000's of reliable and safe pressure cycles.
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Safety & Reliability

Integrated into the design of each FORCE10 tensioners are multiple enhanced safety features including mechanisms to remove the hazard of over-stroking the tensioner rams. Models F10-01 to F10-03 feature a mechanism which directs oil flow away from the operator in the instance the ram is over-stroked and exhausts oil harmlessly into the internals of the tensioner.

FORCE10 models F10-04 to F10-10 feature internal hydraulic check valves that can sense the position of the tensioners hydraulic ram and again safely releases oil flow internal to the tool. All FORCE10 Tensioners offer a maximum ram stroke of 15mm, in many cases this is sufficient to achieve a "One Pull" tensioning procedure.

Designed to Fit

During the engineering development of the FORCE10 tensioner range over 450 different configurations of standard pipe flanges were modelled using the latest 3D solid model CAD software.

Our design team then set about designing tensioners to perfectly fit not only the hub profile of standard pipe flanges but also the weld protrusion and the pipe diameter. Care was taken to design profile machined tensioners that also stay clear of the adjacent hexagon nuts. The resulting tools fit perfectly onto standard pipe flanges.

The enhanced bolt load offered by the FORCE10 Series bolt tensioning tools allows for time efficient 25% and 50% tool to bolt ratio usage on most standard pipeline flanges, using the industry standard A & B tensioning pressure procedure.

Refer to the FORCE10 user manual for more specific information and flange exclusions.

No Bonded Seals

All FORCE10 tensioners have been designed without the need for small bonded seals. Bonded seals are used by most bolt tensioning manufacturers to seal the hydraulic connec- tions to the tensioner. These tiny seals are prone to failure and when just one of the many bonded seals used in a tensioning system fail, the whole tensioning procedure comes to a halt until the failed bonded seal is replaced. Tentec has designed out the use of these fragile seals so that this new range of tensioners no longer rely on bonded seals, improving safety and minimising downtime.