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tentec aero wtp electric pump

WTP3 Series - Electric Pump

The Tentec WTP3 is a self contained electric driven high pressure hydraulic pump unit that can generate pressures of up to 1600 bar. The unit is a perfect match with Tentec bolt tensioning tools. One of the major features of the WTP3 Pump unit is the ability to totally remote control the pump from the controller hand grip. The WTP3 unit is designed to work in adverse environmental conditions, to ensure its durability the unit is certified to International Protection Rating IP-56. 

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Ergonomic Hand Remote Controller

Controlling functions:-
• Start Up
• Pressure Rise
• Unit Stop
• Pressure Relief
• Emergency Pressure Relief Button.

Optionally available with hydraulic pressure display.

Available Power Supplies

Part Number Voltage - Phase
HTT.8900.100 230v - 60Hz
HTT.8900.200 115v - 60Hz
HTT.8900.300 440v - 60Hz
HTT.8900.400 230v - 50Hz
HTT.8900.500 380v - 50Hz
HTT.8900.600 400v - 50Hz
HTT.8900.700 690v - 60Hz
Contact Tentec to discuss alternative electrical configurations.

Oil Flow

Gear Pump = 3.9L/min / Pressure Intensifier = 0.195 L/min
Piston Pump = 1.1L/min / Pressure Intensifier = 0..06 L/min
Max Flow at Low Pressure (800 bar) = 0.25 L/min
Max Flow at High Pressure (over 800 bar) = 0.061 L/min