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Multi-Stud Tensioning System 

Series: MSTS
The Segmented Multi Stud Tensioning System (MSTS) is a portable system designed to simultaneously tension all studs on system closures such as steam generator primary and secondary manways, handwheel and valve covers. This state-of-the-art system applies a predictable and accurate preload to all studs simultaneously, thus eliminating the problems normally associated with conventional torque tightening techniques, for example: uneven gasket preloads resulting in closure leakage, galling, broken fasteners, etc.

The MSTS enables the installation and removal of system closures to be completed rapidly in high radiation areas. Therefore, its application is also consistent with meeting ALARA objectives.


The Principle...

Hydraulic pressure is applied simultaneously to each segmented stud tensioner. All frictional factors connected with conventional bolt tightening methods are alleviated since MSTS apply a direct axial force to the bolts which generates a bolt elongation. This elongation/tension is permanently retained by means of the applications hexagon nuts. MSTS have been designed to be as compact as possible, in order to allow adjacent fitment on as many applications as possible.

Product Features

  • Profile cut body to reduce weight
  • Elliptical shaped piston/rams (if necessary)
  • Rare earth magnets embedded in Nut Rotating Sockets, for ease of assembly
  • Single hydraulic inlet connection per segment
  • Can be designed with variable bolt chambers per segment to optimize weight
  • Extremely reliable machine cut polyurethane seals


In order to optimise the individual weight of each segment Tentec MST systems can be profile machine cut to remove unnecessary material.

Bolt load is applied axially to the bolts. Inconsistencies such as friction, bending and lubricant are not a factor when using MST systems. No torsional stresses are involved.

MST systems offer an extremely rapid and simple method of simultaneously, accurately tensioning every bolt on a closure flange. A typical applications for MST’s are nuclear manway covers where the elevated radioactive environment demands an extremely rapid tensioning time in order to minimise personnel exposure.

MST systems are removed from the closure once the bolts are loaded. This allows for a single MST system to be used on many identical closure joints.

Bolt load is directly proportional to the pressure applied to the tensioner.

In order to maximise the space between each bolt and to achieve the correct hydraulic pressure area a special non-circular piston ram can be utilised.

Tentec quick fitting Split Reaction Nuts can be incorporated into the MST design. These allow for even quicker installation and de-installation times.

Over the years Tentec has developed a class leading high pressure seal technology. This innovative seal technology is industry proven and offers many 1000’s of reliable and safe pressure cycles.

Integrated into the design of each MST are enhanced safety features including mechanisms to remove the hazard of over-stroking the hydraulic rams All Tentec MST systems feature a mechanism which directs oil flow away from the operator in the instance the ram is over-stroked and exhausts oil harmlessly into the internal section of the system.
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