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A groundbreaking range of air activated piston retract tensioners focused on improving operational productivity

  •     Airbac, more than 3 times as fast as spring assisted tensioners
  •     Twenty percent weight saving dueto reduced diameters and fewer components
  •     Enhanced corrosion protection for harsh environments
  •     Just six tools covering bolt sizes ¾”(M20)  – 4 “ (M100)
  •     Identical hydraulic pressure areas, load outputs, and MWP (1500 bar) as the CTST range  

AIRBAC Available for Customised Solutions

Airbac patented piston retract technology can also be incorporated into our custom designed tensioners ensuring that customers who have unique applications can also benefit from operational time savings

Air activaited piston return

New desig features
  • Built in re-charging system
  • Stainless Steel frame
  • Reduced size and weight
  • Hi Flow 600 motor as standard