MOMENTO design and produce special tools to meet the individual requirements of every single customer.

Power sockets and accessories are the all-important link between the power tool and the threaded fastener. When it comes to power driving tools, power sockets are the only answer.

MOMENTO’s power sockets and accessories will fit both impact wrenches, electric nutrunners and hydraulic wrenches.

MOMENTO’s impact sockets and accessories conform to the international standards ISO 1174-2, 1703, 1711-2, 2725-2 and 2725-3.

MOMENTO is ISO 9001 quality certified and ISO 14001 certified for their Environmental management system.

MOMENTO control the entire manufacturing process from design and calculation of strength to heat treatment.

6- and 4- point with Core Drive enhances the strength of Momento sockets.

Correctly used MOMENTO machine-operated sockets and accessories do not break.