ZA4T Series

ZA4T-Series, Air Driven Torque Wrench Pumps ( Atex )

Speed: 12  - 1,0 l/min
Reservoir capacity: 4,0 - 8,0 liters
Duty cycle: Heavy-Duty
Field: Field
Type: Air Driven

Features and Benefits:

  • Fine air pressure adjustment for very accurate torque control
  • High bypass pressure (200 bar) for faster torque cycles
  • Improved wrench performance at low pressure
  • Two-speed operation and high by-pass pressure reduces cycle time for improved productivity
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauge with transparent overlays in Nm and Ft.lbs for Enerpac torque wrenches provide a quick torque reference
  • Standard Regulator-Filter-Lubricator with removable bowls and auto drain
  • Heat exchanger warms exhaust air to prevent freezing and cools the oil
  • Ergonomic pendant allows remote operation up to 6 m.
  • ATEX Certified. The ZA-series pumps are tested and certified according to the Equipment Directive 94 / 9 / EC “ATEX Directive”.