E-Series E-Pulse™, Electric Wrench Pumps

Speed: 3,61
Reservoir capacity: 3,61 l/min
Type: Electric


  • Two-stage pump with high by-pass pressure:  3,6 l/min at 200 bar, 0,52 l/min at 700 bar
  • Smart controls enable motor to maintain constant power across the pressure range
  • 24VDC power regulator minimizes effects of poor power supply
  • Six-piston block design provides even flow for smooth operation of cylinder or tool


  • Durable aluminium housing • Integrated heat exchanger minimizes heat buildup
  • High-efficiency permanent magnet, direct drive motor enables continuous use and long service life
  • Built-in thermal protection  • IP Rating: IP54 on the pump, IP67 on the pendant


  • Integrated calibrated pressure gauge
  • Interactive pendant with smart controls
  • Pendant and cord management system
  • Intelligent Auto-Cycle enables press and release actuation to cycle torque wrench until final torque is achieved
  • User can set pressure and operate in manual or auto-cycle mode
  • Convenient oil fill port, oil level indicator and automatic breather