kNm Hydraulikk offers courses in flange work acording to NS-EN 1591-4 (formerly Norwegian Oil and Gas and OLF Guideline 118). The course enhances competence and provides basic knowledge in preparation, planning, execution, and documentation of work on bolt tensioning of flange connections on pressurized systems.

Here, executive personnel test their skills under controlled conditions and professional training. The course contains a combination of theory and practice. Courses are conducted on our premises at Klepp, outside Stavanger, and in the industrial park in Kongsberg. The duration of the course is four days.

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OLF started the Gas Leakage Project in 2003 to reduce the number of leaks on the Norwegian continental shelf. Causal analyses showed that approx. 75% of all hydrocarbon leaks were due to human failure.

Since 2003, the project has contributed significantly to reducing the number of gas leaks on the Norwegian continental shelf. 


kNm Hydraulikk offers module-based training of personnel following NS-EN 1591-4. This standard deals with the qualification of the competence of personnel who assemble screw connections on pressurized systems in critical applications.

The standard contains the following tables:
  • Table 1: Foundation level training matrix.
  • Table 2: Training matrix for hydraulic tension tightening.
  • Table 3: Training matrix for hydraulic torque tightening.
  • Table 4: Training matrix for heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
  • Table 5: Training matrix for flanges made of brittle materials.
  • Table 6: Training matrix for bolt load determination after assembly.
  • Table 7: Training matrix for compact flanges.
  • Table 8: Training matrix for clamp connectors
  • Table 9: Training matrix for special connector/flanges
  • Table 10: Training matrix for small bore tubing connectors
  • Table 11: Training matrix for the responsible engineer
  • kNm Hydraulics offers courses in all modules marked with a star.

The course also includes additions that apply to company-related requirements and procedures.


The course is held at Øksnevad Business Park in Klepp (15 min from Stavanger) and at K-tech, in the industrial park at Kongsberg.
The course has a validity of 5 years under the following conditions:
  • The executing skilled worker has worked continuously on flange connections and pressurized systems over the last 6 months.
  • There is no basis for questioning the competence of the performing skilled.
  • After 5 years, the skilled worker must take a rehearsal course to renew the certificate.


Accurate tension of bolted connections requires knowledge and experience. Our products have patented solutions that combine both speed and accuracy.


Quality is our trademark, and the proof is in our satisfied customers. kNm Hydraulics holds its subcontractors and their products to a high standard. We manufacture our equipment in the USA, UK, Sweden, and Germany.